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Timex Archive Weston Avenue Black Dial

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Timex Archive Weston Avenue Black


  • Steel Case 37 mm
  • Indiglo® Night-Light
  • Quarz Movement
  • Water Resistant
  • Model ABT089


  • Strap 18 mm
  • Exclusive Grosgrain
  • White, Blue, Red Cotton Touch Polyester




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True style is timeless. Weston Avenue is a new model from Timex Archive the iconic American watch brand, they have released this timeless clock in and ageless design, and solid steel construction honor there heritage of pure craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking.

The Timex Archive straps are manufactured in Italy on mechanical looms and woven with exclusive structures. Both the quality and finishing of the yarn exemplify the excellence of “Made in Italy”.

Timex Archive – Since 1854 – Wear it well.