Timex Archive Weekender Chrono Black Dial ABT103


Timex Archive Weekender Chrono Black


  • Steel Case 40 mm
  • Indiglo® Night-Light
  • Quarz Movement
  • Quick Date®
  • Water Resistant
  • Model ABT103


  • Strap 20 mm
  • Exclusive Grosgrain
  • Black Oiled Canvas


  • Genuine leather
  • Exclusive stonewashed treatment
  • Made in Italy
  • Fits any Timex Archive watch with a 20mm lug width


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We are pretty sure you just found the only Timex Archive watch you’ll ever need. A timeless chronograph that let’s you change up leather and nylon straps for the season, the occasion or even your daily color coordination.
This Weekender Chrono comes with two straps bundled in the box, one black oiled canvas in exclusive grosgrain and one extra strap in stone washed genuine brown leather, both handmade in Italy.
The Timex Archive project represents 160 years of watchmaking innovation and expertise. It all began with a group of artisans and craftsmen in the New England town of Waterbury, Connecticut. What that group created would ultimately become synonymous with time itself and propel timekeeping from the mantelpiece to the pocket, on to the wrist. The small and scrappy Waterbury Clock Company was the beginning of an American icon: Timex.
 Timex Archive – Since 1854 – Wear it well.